Project Overview


Safe and Affordable Sanitation Access to Everyone

Project components:

  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Renewable Energy Sources Application
  • Capacity Development

Project duration: January 2008-December 2010

Main project goal:

Capacity development of a vulnerable local community in a rural area, of civil organizations and businesses for a cooperative work in order to make a contribution into realization of Millennium Goals 7, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Project goals:

  1. Raising awareness and social mobilization of the local population to build environmentally sustainable community
  2. Adaptation, development and introducing of innovative, easy-to-use efficient technologies in the field of sanitation, hygiene, energy conservation and renewable energy sources application
  3. Children and youth development in a harmony with the nature through implementing of interactive learning activities and organizing of motivation events

Region of Implementation:

Chuy region

Target population/beneficiaries:

Self-help groups; low and middle income households

Total Project Budget: 43000 euro


The project “Safe and Affordable Sanition to Everyone” significantly infuenced on the local community of Bakay-Ata through introducing of new innovative technologies in areas of sanitation, water treatment and renewable energy sources application. This project helped to increase the overall awareness of a local population in 3 villages about the sustainable development, UDDTs, soil filters solar collectors and other solar equipment.

Moreover, during 2008-2010 NGO “Agerkech” dramatically developed its capacity, increased a number of active employees, established partnerships with different local and international NGOs and received a valuable knowledge about different aspects of sustainable development.

The project made a powerful impact on social mobilizing of a local population through their active involvement in this project and through development of civil responsibility, community service and volunteerism.



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