About us

Social Union “Agerkech” was established on March 9, 2001 by young leaders as a community-based, nongovernmental organization for a social mobilization of local communities to support sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan through implementing educational, socio-economic, cultural and environmental programs.

Social Union “Agerkech” served more than 1520 vulnerable people by providing community-based programs in educational, cultural and environmental spheres in three local communities like “novostraykas” (small communities around Bishkek, which consist of mostly low-income families) and neighboring villages in Chue region with a partnership of target groups, local communities, local municipalities, governmental organizations, and local donors.

Mission of the organization is to support sustainable development of local communities through introducing and developing affordable, innovative programs in educational,   socio-economic, cultural and environmental areas.

Contact information:

33/27 Lermontova Str., Bishkek, 720008, the Kyrgyz Republic

Tel:  +996 312 47 98 73; +996 700 76 14 64

E-mail: agerkech@mail.ru; agerkech@gmail.com


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